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Why New York City is banning synthetic marijuana drug K2

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced final week that will federal drug agents arrested greater than one hundred individuals along with seized $15 million in money and also assets throughout the nation in the crackdown about the manufacture along with sale involving synthetic drugs.

According to the DEA, studies of synthetic marijuana products identified through local, state as well as federal drug labs get skyrocketed inside recent years. Hillary Kunins, Assistant Commissioner in the Ny Area Department regarding Well Being and also leader in the Bureau involving Alcohol as well as Drug Use Prevention, care as well as Treatment, told CBS News. "We really want to educate your public that this can be just not a new drug to be utilized lightly and that the consequences tend to be unpredictable and serious."

Since the start in the year, there have been a lot a lot more than 4,500 synthetic cannabinoid-related emergency department visits inside The Large Apple Ci ty, …
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CVS Recalls Select Cases of Herbal Tea Over Salmonella Concerns

Food along with Drug Administration has been notified in regards in order to the recall.

Anyone that bought the actual tea may give it back towards the store to acquire a refund.

Salmonella, any bacterial infection, can cause fever, diarrhea along with abdominal cramps. people using compromised immune systems, infants and in addition the elderly are usually the majority of at risk regarding developing significant complications, according to the U.S. Centers pertaining to Disease control and Prevention.

. the ingredient can in addition be used in the recalled tea, business officials say.

"The business isn't aware of just about any reported cases regarding illness for you to date related for you to this product also it provides issued this voluntary recall as a matter of precaution," organization officials said inside the statement.

CVS failed to immediately reply in order to ABC News' obtain details concerning the affected ingredient.

The tea ended up being packed within…

Acupressure Fast Facts Get Pain Relief at Home

Hold regarding this for just one minute, then repeat upon one other hand. Applying it too quickly or vigorously can do some damage, especially within the abdominal area.

Special care and caution will be required inside the case of your pregnant woman or even in treating any individual using burns, infections along with current injuries.

Acupressure is a lot more effective as compared to physical therapy for that vast majority of patients using reduced back again pain.

Ear acupressure can be accustomed to minimize tension as well as anxiety.

Acupressure is accustomed to minimize concern and anxiety throughout trauma victims as well as in pre-operative care.

Acupressure could be accustomed to treat all these conditions:

Tension Headaches

Migraine Headaches

Jaw Pain, Toothache, Earache

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Wrist, Hand, Arm pain

Backache, Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot pain

Colds, Flu, Sore throat, Sinus In fection, Loss regarding Voice


Anxiety Attacks and also Nervousness




Womens issues - Where does Donald Trump stand?

Here are Trump's proposals dealing with reproductive care and equal rights for women in the workplace:

Abortion:After some flip-flopping on the topic in March this year, Trump has said that he would largely keep the current laws as they are.Still, Trump has suggested that he would nominate a Supreme Court justice who would overturn the landmark Roe v. The benefit would be proportional to income and capped at the average child care cost of $12,000.Lower-income families would be allowed to claim an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)Trump would offer dependent care savings accounts, with the government providing matching funds for lower income earners.Equal payWhen asked about equal pay during one town hall event, Trump said women would make the same as men if they "do as good a job."

Donald Trump frequently promise s that he'll be the best advocate for women -- female rival Hillary Clinton notwithstanding -- and has pledged that he'll be "great on women…